Anchor Danly Steel Plate

Flame-cut, Ground & Machined

Anchor Danly steel plate offers specialty steel plate supply and steel plate services. Our steel plate service can supply precision machine finished steel plate ready for installation, assembly or fabrication. Our steel plate inventory and extensive steel processing facilities ensure timely delivery.

Our steel plate services encompass the material supply and all secondary processes required. Your steel plate can be delivered to your exact specifications.

Anchor Danly steel plate provides you with a two-fold advantage of in-stock inventory and extensive secondary precision machining and processing capabilities. The majority of our steel plate orders are finish machined and delivered ready for installation. You benefit from shorter lead times, more time for your design engineering, and the ability to bid on larger projects by leveraging Anchor Danly capabilities. For critical schedules, you can also reserve Anchor Danly machine time.

Single source supplier of steel plate material, finishing, delivery.

Our Steel Plate capabilities include:


Our experienced engineering staff will work with you to facilitate the application of CNC plasma or flame cutting programs to meet your design requirements.

Manufacturing capabilities

Bolster Plate

Anchor Danly will plasma cut or flame cut, blanchard grind and machine precision steel plates of various sizes and complexities according to your specifications.

Large Steel Inventory
  • Capable of processing Steel Plates with thickness ranging from 3/8 inch to 16 inches—Contact us for plate thickness exceeding 16 inches.
  • Maximum diagonal grinding is 144 inches
  • Maximum sizes for the Planner Mill is 120 inches x 360 inches x minimum 2 inch thickness
  • CNC milling capacity for plate sizes up to 138 inches x 320 inches (3500 mm x 8130 mm)
Standard steels include hot rolled Type A36, 44W, 50W and mild steels
4140 steel (mild 18-22 Rc and pre-hardened 28-32 Rc)
Specialty steels including 1045
Aluminum on request
Stainless steel on request

Anchor Danly is a steel plate supplier to major OEMs in the following industries:

  • Construction equipment
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Oil and gas
  • Power generation
  • Transportation
  • Agricultural
  • Pole and tower manufacturing
  • Structural fabrication
  • Defense
  • Bridge building
  • Refuse handling and recycling

Anchor Danly is committed to providing you with value added Steel Plate products and services at competitive prices and on-time deliveries.