Cast Die Sets and Components

Anchor Danly manufactures cast iron and cast steel die sets for metal stamping dies. Our cast die set manufacturing capabilities include pattern manufacturing, 2D and 3D machining, guide component installation, and design assistance. Pattern review for customer approval is available.

Cast Die Set Materials include:

  • GM238 (G2500 Iron)
  • GM241 (G3500 Iron)
  • GM245 (D4512 Iron)
  • GM246 (D5506 Iron)
  • GM338 (D6510 Iron)
  • S-7 Tool Steel
  • D-2 Tool Steel
  • A-2 Tool Steel
  • GM190 (0050A Steel)
  • GM68 (0030 Steel)

See the Cast Die Sets and Components Flyer for more information.