Standard Die Sets

A wide selection of standard die sets is available in stock.

Standard Die Set

Stock die sets are manufactured to standard dimensions with respect to pin size and location and the thickness of steel used. You can choose from two and four post models, in both plain and ball bearing styles. Anchor Danly's standard line of die sets has fully interchangeable components with each size. Anchor, Danly, and Lempco brand standard die sets are stocked and ready to ship.

Use the Danly Die Set Quote form for a quote on your die set design.

See the Anchor Die Sets and Danly Die Sets catalogs for specifications.

Economy All Steel Die Set - Standard Die Set

Die Set options include:

  • Ball Bearing die sets
  • Plain Bearing die sets
  • Back Post die sets
  • Center Post Die Sets
  • Diagonal Post Die Sets
  • Two Post Die Sets
  • Four Post Die Sets
  • Econoline Die Sets

Die sets are available from all Anchor Danly die set manufacturing locations in North America and Europe.