Aluminum and Steel Fixture Bases

Aluminum and Steel Fixture Bases are available in standard and custom configurations. Each fixture base is welded, stress relieved, machined, Blanchard ground and inspected for flatness and parallelism.

Fixture Base

Custom fixture bases are available at standard prices. Have your aluminum or steel fixture base fabricated to your exact dimensions and specifications.

  • Flatness and parallelism 0.001 inch per ft. not exceeding 0.007 inch overall
  • Edges machined 0.001 inch per ft. not exceeding 0.004 inch overall
  • 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) chamfer on top surface for safe handling
  • Blanchard ground surface
  • Blasted and painted medium blue or customer's specified color
  • Custom sizes & shapes designed on CAD to meet customer requirements
  • Thorough inspection during manufacturing (inspection reports supplied)
  • 6061 stress relieved aluminum plate and bar stock for aluminum fixture bases
  • MIC 6® Aluminum Cast Plate is available
  • GMAW highest quality aluminum wire for aluminum fixture bases
  • Vibratory stress relieve for aluminum fixture bases (charts supplied)
  • A36 and 44W steel alloy and thermally stress relieved for steel fixture bases

Fixture Base Options

  • Carts and stands manufactured to meet customer specifications
  • Fork tubes and lift blocks
  • Machining of tapped holes, dowels and gridlines available

Please see the Anchor Danly Fabrications brochure for additional information.

Anchor Danly Fabrications' main facility in Tilbury Ontario is located 30 minutes from the US-Canada border at Detroit, Michigan enabling convenient shipping to Ontario and USA locations. All finished fixture bases can be shipped via Anchor Danly's fleet of heavy trucks or by your preferred shipping method.

For a quotation on your fixture base complete our online quotation request form and attach your fixture base drawing file or contact Anchor Danly Fabrications at 1-800-265-5295.