Fabricated Metal Products

In addition to manufacturing steel plate and structural steel fabrications, Anchor Danly Fabrications manufactures metal products that are made to order. Aluminum and steel fixture bases, machine angle plates, and sediment removal systems can be fabricated to your requirements using our flexible manufacturing processes and standard engineering designs.

  • Aluminum and steel fixture bases
  • Sediment removal systems
  • Custom-built angle plate fixtures

Aluminum and Steel Fixture Bases

Aluminum and steel fixture bases are available in standard and custom configurations. Custom fixture bases are available at standard prices.

Sediment Removal Systems

Complete sediment removal systems designed for your environment. Ask about our standard features and options. Please contact Anchor Danly Fabrications for a quotation.

Custom-Built Machine Angle Plates

The ideal “first machining” job for your new or used milling machine. New angle plates designed specifically for your CNC machining center.

Please contact Anchor Danly Fabrications for a quotation on custom metal fabrications.

Anchor Danly Fabrications is CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified and AWS (American Welding Society) certified, and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered.

Milling Machine Steel Angle Plates